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Get 10% Off Your Pet's Dental Cleaning in February & March 2017!*

Cat and Dog with ToothbrushGood pet dental health helps to promote longer, healthier lives while also eliminating bad breath, dental pain and potential damage to internal organs.

In celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month, Baldwin Harbor Animal Hospital is offering 10% off professional dental cleaning and polishing for dogs and cats from February 1-March 31, 2017.

Call (516) 379-5010 for more information or to book your pet's dental cleaning.

*Pre-surgical exam and bloodwork is required prior to a cleaning. 

Did you know that even during the fall and winter, dogs and cats are susceptible to disease carrying fleas, ticks and mosquitos? 

parasite prevention Most owners have heard of heartworm, a devastating disease that has become more common in our part of the world due to adoption of southern dogs, the increased temperatures and the perfect humidity for mosquitos to flourish. One out of 249 dogs in New York tested positive last year.

All puppies, beginning at 12 weeks of age, should be started on a monthly heartworm preventative and be kept on it yearly. Every dog, beginning when they are 8-12 months old, should be tested annually for heartworm disease. Here at Baldwin Harbor, we do an in-house blood test that gives us results in 10-15 minutes. Not only does this test (called a 4DX) test for heartworm, it also tests for the three most common tick born diseases, Lyme, Anaplasma, and Erlichia.

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